drawings : Alice van Innis tattoowork : IronBrush Tirana photograph : Nick Dessauvages   drawing : Alice van Innis tattoowork : Deuil Merveilleux photograph : Nick Dessauvages


CHATEAU MOLEM’ 2014 .organic apple pear wine. .biologische appelperenwijn uit eigen living.           .brewed and bottled by Pieter Gijssels and Pepijn Kennis. .designed by Alice van Innis.  


.HAPPY NEWYEAR. 2015 .GELUKKIG NIEUWJAAR. .postcard for INNIS talent agency. black and white print – ink color added by hand


.riso print postcard and bag for newborn August.     Rosi Riso Print.


A R T W O R K S F O R B O R E A L I S Drawings for Borealis on Facebook.   Artwork for Borealis’ mix “Dansen Doe Je Met Je Ogen Toe”               . Artwork For . . A Walk Trough a Decade Of House . . Borealis . . Red Bull Elektopedia .  


.january to december. year in . year out finishing touch . color by hand limited edition. numbered. one to hundred.