ALICE x AMNESTY“The way you dress does not mean yes” LIMITED EDITION200 SHIRTS AGAINST SEXUAL VIOLENCEIN PRESALE – SUMMER 2021 ALICE :“My godfather used to work for an international NGO, which was one of the reasons I looked up to him as a child. Justice has always been a key word for me.Once I knew that I wanted a future in which I would produce textile and clothing, I had to make a long journey to better inform myself.Finding out about the human rights violations that are abundant in (but not exclusive to) the textile sector stunned me. When you…


• KOLLEBLOEM • 2019 • 2020 • wall painting • muurschildering • naast eigen werk werd het rechter stuk ontworpen en uitgevoerd samen met de kinderen van Lutgaris Etterbeek • fantastic jungle •


shirtdress developed with Anne Nagels. . 100% eco cotton . 90 gr/m2 .. fair & honest production .. cotton jersey eco GOTS certified digitaly printed by Print Unlimited B.V. (NL) ..sewing pattern developped by @anne_nagels (BE).. couture by @mulieris_confection (BE) .. textile design by Alice van Innis (BE) .


a tree full of wishes from the people surrounding the kids for everybody. designed and made by the children of ‘t Plantzoentje at Laken with my guidance.